About me

Hi my name is Oscar Aldaz and I’m a 17 year old guy. My favorite sport is baseball and I also play baseball for the school. I am on varsity and play second base, the reason I chose second base is that it’s a simple position for me. I am also a friendly dude and I’m pretty sure that no one is really scared of me because I do smile a lot and laugh. My style is pretty basic wit hoodies and sweats when its cold out and when it’s hot out its shorts and t-shirts. As of now my hair is long and have no plans in cutting it anytime soon. I do love my decently expensive shoes. I am also a quick and smart thinker when in situations. I also do have a girlfriend that sometimes is a little crazy but aren’t we all. My favorite thing to do during the day is between paly baseball games or what I do more often which is play video games that I spend a little to much time on, but you got to keep you as entertained as possible these days. This is all of my basic info that’s important to me as of now.

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