Writing Assignment

Job Hunting

The Job I found was Real Estate Photographer and Cinematographer. Experience: professional, 2 years (Preferred) License: Part 107 (Preferred) Language: English (Required) Work authorization: United States (Required). Those are all things that are required for the job. This job sounds fun because I can use a phone and it also sounds like an easy and fun job. This is definetly something that I’d look into considering it doesn’t take much but experience. The down side is you need to have a lot of equipment which is :

Required equipment includes:

  • Professional DSLR or mirrorless camera
  • Wide angle lens,16-35mm & 24-70mm (or equivalent)
  • Video capable of 4K and 60fps (such as Lumix S1 or Canon R5)
  • Professional grade tripod, slider, fluid head and ballhead.
  • Radio triggers for off camera lighting
  • Adequate remote lighting
  • Drone with 4k/60fps (such as Mavic Air 2)
  • Part 107 Certified or willing to get.
  • Professional mic’s a plus.

Review on Two Articles

Sports Photography By: Peter R. Miller

Sports photography has been always something that interests me. I’m fascinated by the amount of events Peter R. Miller has been too. He needed a high zoom lens to capture the best photos. He did admit that there were some he missed but who wouldn’t miss some pics because you need a fast reaction time to capture it. You don’t really need a gear to carry around which shows why Peter only carried around 5 items including his camera. For different events he used different zoom lens for them all. Like for example he uses the most zoom for football and the less for basketball. But if I do become a photographer I would try and be a sports photographer.

Aerial Photography By: Jim Wark

Aerial photography looks like a cool and fun job. I can just imagine in a helicopter and taking pics of the ground that looks amazing. You definitely need high zoom lens for this job. For me I don’t think I would do this but it caught my eye. I would be to scared to take a pic from that high up I’m pretty sure. Jim’s favorite lens was a 70- 200mm lens so it wasn’t that high but it was at the same time.

Favorite Photo Out Of 100

Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston

This is a photo that catches my eye every time. I also know a little about the fighter standing, well who doesn’t. The man standing is known as Muhammad Ali and he is a really famous boxer. When I think of boxers I have 2 people that come to mind and that is Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali. This picture right here is an iconic one in all of sports. It really captures the moment and what’s happening as Ali is standing over a knocked out opponent and talking trash. Sports is all about competition and this is the highest level of it. It shows how much Ali loves the game.

Wassily Kandinsky

I like all of Kandinsky’s paintings. I’m not one of the people that can look deep into the meaning of a painting but I bet there is a lot is each and every painting of his. Every painting is colorful and never the same. Thats one of my favorite things about him and his artwork. The picture below is my favorite painting of his. This painting looks like a bunch of planets and space. The big one looks to have the gravitational pull which is why everything is mostly right there.

Amazon.com: "Epic Graffiti 'Several Circles' by Wassily Kandinsky Canvas Wall Art, 18"" x 18""", black (EPIC-CA1818230)

Sandy Skoglund

Sandy Skoglund’s home page is very simple. It is also all black and the different pages are all to the left. Now her artwork is all over the place and very creative. The most common art style of her’s is a certain background and other objects that are duplicated all over the image. The image below is my favorite one do to how much detail there is every fox. There are shadows and little details on every wolf. That shows how much of a had worker Skoglund is.

Why is Photography so Important?

Photography is important for many reasons. One reason I think photography is important that you are able to keep memories. You being able to keep the memories around and look at them. Memories are important because you can see how much you changed as well. Looking through old photos of loved ones also is always super fun. One more reason that is also very important is that photography makes you money. Money is essential and can get you a lot of things and necessities like food. Money is also needed for a lot ore things like even better photography equipment.

Others things that photography is useful for is spreading awareness. The awareness can be anything like hunger, racism, or even protests that are peaceful. Photography is also a great way to keep history around. One day far in the future people will look at all our photos and see how our life was. The same goes for us, we can look at very old photos of war and how life was back then. Photography will teach people too, it can teach us what not to do so we don’t make the same mistakes as the past generations. Finally every photo has a story and a lot more than people realize.

Silver List Photographers Critique


So the first photographer I am critiquing is Aaron Jones and right away is page is a little confusing. But by the looks of it Aaron is a special kind of photographer. He gets pieces of different magazines and cuts them out, then makes them into pictures. He also has a background of something random and puts the pictures there and takes it. Its sa rally unique and fun way to photograph. His way of photography needs a creative brain because the average person wouldn’t be ale to make something out of scraps as he does. Even though the background of the picture is wacky but it adds to the creativeness. In all I do like his work and wouldn’t change a thing since it’s very unique.

The second photographer that is getting critiqued is André Ramos-Woodward. His page that it links to is very odd. It does catch my eye though by it being all the color black. His photography work is all around, some people enjoying their lives, some of abandoned houses, and artwork of black history I saw. I do like how he’s all around but if anything he would need to change would be more on people enjoying lives. Also his editing I’d say needs more work since some pictures look a little basic. But overall I liked it and definitely would like to check out more of his artwork.

Social Issue Written Assignment

I feel this way because I really want life to return how it was. I miss going to school and seeing my friends while also having a fun experience in class too. I feel like it would’ve been a great year since I had all pretty easy classes and I knew a couple of friends I had in my classes. One of the ways this can happen is if everyone wears a mask that will really help a lot even though it won’t all stop it right away. I, myself influenced this because I miss school, never thought I’d be saying that but I am. I enjoyed the first couple months of it but then it hit me and realized I didn’t have a senior year. Honestly I can see the other side of this argument of wearing masks or not.  The flip side is the people thinking about the such low death rate but that isn’t the problem. The problem is how contagious it is and how easy it is to get. That’s the reason why masks help slow down the contagious a lot because most of it comes out of the mouth. My art work is definitely not to offend anyone but to spread a reason why it’s important to wear masks. No, no I do not have the right to offend because offending anyone won’t change anything at all. My artwork does and doesn’t get it across but to me it looks like it’s good enough to get across. The focal points are about masks as its all over the poster.

$10,000 Shopping Spree

The first thing I would buy is a camera and that would be a Canon EOS 90D and that would cost $1,600. I would get it because it’s weatherproof and it needs to be because outside can be a nightmare when it’s raining or worse. It also has great auto focus and speed to catch amazing plays. Sigma 60-600mm f/4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports Lens for Canon EF will cost $2,000. That will zoom in so much and catch beautiful plays since it can open up to 4.5. I might even be able to use this at nighttimeCanon EOS-1D X Mark III would be my other camera that I would switch between. That would cost $6,400 and it comes with a bundle that comes with a card and a reader. This is one of the best cameras for sports photography since it has a super high buffer of 1000+ and can have up to a 16 fps burst rate. It will definitely help catch moving shots 


Why Being a Photographer Is (Probably) the Best Job in the World

Being a photographer would be a great job in my opinion. One of the best things about having photography as a job is being your own boss. You don’t have a due date, a person on your butt, no co worker that annoying or anything. You are on your own time but you need to also be active a lot and take perfect pictures. Also another great thing is that you have your own tools and equipment to yourself. I love having my own things and not sharing especially something expensive. But probably the best thing a bout it is that you can photograph just about anything and people will like it. The photography world is always changing and very interesting. These are all very good reasons why a photographer is one of the best jobs to me.

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